The Human Bakery

The Human Bakery. When you start seeing the gruesome, putrefying body parts, tthe last thing that comes to your mind is: Bread! Even though the bakery looks more like a setting for the horror movie Chainsaw Massacre, these hanging body parts are made from dough, chocolate, raisins and cashews, etc…

The Human Bakery is located in Thailand and has already become a local touristic attraction. Kittiwat Unarrom’s family runs a bakery, combining that with his master degree in fine arts, he created the most disgusting delicious bakery in town. He sculpts bread to look like hands, feet, internal organs and anything else you would find at a meat market for cannibals. It is amazing how incredibly realistic his creations are. I would definitely try this… Would you?

By the way… we would never serve something like this on Eat24

Feeling hungry?

15 thoughts on “The Human Bakery

  1. This is a most amazing pice of artwork ever shown on YouTube….. Oh, I shouldn’t dare to eat them……It gives me the chills just to look at them!

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  3. “Let’s raise our children to be malicious psychopaths!”
    “GREAT IDEA! But where to start?”
    “Hmmm… corpse bread.”
    “Capitol idea!”

    I think that must be the thought process behind this bakery.

  4. I am an artist–this may be art–But really, human body parts….” bread ” who gives agh Bleep! craft anything in the world besides human parts to eat …. Thanks but NO thanks!…. Props for Halloween is one thing – But FOOD
    Excuse me 4 saying this from one artist to another….This is Talent being WASTED !!!! those who feel differently ” EnJoY ” your Amazing Crafted ” bread “….and take it TOE go ~

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