Weekend Coupon: Delivery Heroes


High Five Your Hero

Here at Eat24, we’re in the business of making dreams come true. And business is good. Everyone has dreams. At one point or another, we all fantasize about what it would be like to catch a touchdown pass from Joe Montana, go sweater shopping with Bill Cosby, or just be one of Oprah’s favorite things. Now we’re giving you a once in a lifetime  (well, maybe twice) chance to meet your own personal hero and high five the guy who has saved your life on more than one occasion.

That’s right! It’s Eat24’s second annual Delivery Guy Appreciation Weekend – a time when we honor and praise the brave men and women who risk everything everyday just to bring you those BBQ pulled pork nachos with extra cheese. They go OUTSIDE, so you don’t have to. They’re heroes.

So do yourself a favor this weekend. Use this coupon* to order from Eat24, and when he shows up, high five the heck out of your delivery guy. Take a pic of the glorious event and share the photo with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using hashtag #eat24high5 and we’ll send you your very own pair of Eat24 Swaggles** (proof that you’ve met a celebrity).

Coupon code:


Coupon codes expire, but our love for you lasts as long as a marathon of Breaking Bad. If you need another coupon, just ask us on Facebook or Twitter.

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You’re the triple backflip in our overly elaborate secret handshake.


Eat 24

*While we’re on the subject of dream scenarios, we thought it’d be a good time to share Eat24′s official Bucket List. Here it is in no particular order: Fly an F-14 with Maverick and Goose, play Candy Crush with Yoda, be adopted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, do “The Time Warp” with Tim Curry, smoke with Snoop Dogg/Lion (whoops, did that one), eat a Hot Pocket with Jim Gaffigan, play drums for Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem, have Aaron Paul call us a b****, and lastly (and most importantly), read this Fine Print to you: You must be an Eat24 member to use this $2 coupon code (Chill, signing up is easier than getting twerking lessons from Miley Cyrus). Coupons can only be used at restaurants that accept coupon codes (over 25,000 of them nationwide, all of which you can try in under 2 seconds if you’re traveling in a Trimaxian Drone Ship from the planet Phaelon). The value of the code will be applied when you complete an order of $10 or more and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Finally, the coupon can only be used once, and will expire the 25th of August at Midnight PST. There, you’re done. Thanks for reading this whole thing in the voice of Gilbert Gottfried (which was our secret invisible wish that you probably missed earlier).

**Swaggles are swag goggles, or swan goggles, or possibly both. They’re sunglasses – basically a leather jacket for your face.

Eat24′s 2nd Annual Delivery Driver Appreciation Weekend

Eat24 high five delivery guy contest

Guess what!? It’s that time of year where we salute the hardest working person in the business. No, not porn stars. We’re talking about the men and women who bring you tacos, burgers, and chow mein, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or the apocalypse outside; the delivery driver.

Last year went so well that we decided we need to step up our game. This year, we’re going to reward you with something that’ll last.

So summon some deliciousness straight to your mouth this weekend, and when the delivery guy arrives, high five the heck out of him. Show us the pic and we’ll send you your very own pair of Eat24 Swaggles (proof that you’ve met a celebrity). Too good to be true? Nope. It’s real. For full details, make your finger do the scrolly thing.

Eat24 Swaggeles sunglasses

Here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1: Order food from Eat24. (duh)

Step 2: Take a picture of you high-fiving your delivery driver in the most awesome way possible.

Step 3: Post that pic on the Eat24 Facebook page, or share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #Eat24high5

Step 4: Receive a pair of our exclusive, limited edition Swaggles – Guaranteed to give you 24% more swag, a firm and juicy buttocks, and protection from pesky UV rays. Probably.

Eat24’s 2nd annual Delivery Guy Appreciation Weekend starts Friday (8/23). Get your hand ready. Do finger Pilates. Sanitize. Moisturize. And prepare to high five the heck out of your delivery guy.


Eat24 Celebrates the Stoniest Time of the Year

For some reason, April 20th is one of our busiest days here at Eat24. Maybe it’s the weather, or the sight of all those winter outfits being shed for something more revealing, but there’s definitely something green in the air this time of year. Since we know that people love us on 4/20, we set up a contest to celebrate the country’s favorite unofficial holiday, Danksgiving.

We started out small, making little changes around our site. Like changing our logo to something a little greener.

We also rewarded our loyal customer base with a coupon to save on their favorite munchies.

Finally we set up a contest asking for your best munchies picture for a chance to win free food, some sweet Eat24 Swag, and one of our favorite things, a Pax Ploom vaporizer.

After a few days, the munchies came tumbling through, in all shapes and sizes. AFter a few hours of drooling through the munchie pics and tabulating the votes, we came to our winner.

Our Grand Prize Winner all wrapped up: @sarnold2245

It was a hard decision because we had so many other great entries. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Sushi and a JointCleavage and sushi

Sexy Sushi

Cheesesteak and basket fries

Thanks to all you wonderful munch heads that took part of our contest. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you can take part in our next contest.

Weekend Coupon: Happy Danksgiving!

Get the munchies. Win a bunch of food.

If Wheaties is the breakfast of champions, and Coke is the #1 drink of polar bears, Eat24 is the official sponsor of your munchies.

Want free food*? Perfect timing! We’re celebrating this weekend’s high holiday all week long with an event that we like to call “Danksgiving.” Here’s how it works: Order with Eat24, then tag your munchies on Twitter or Instagram with #Eat420 for a chance to win dinner for four from Eat24 and other prizes including one of our favorite things, a Ploom Pax vaporizer. Don’t forget to go to the Contest Homepage and vote for your favorite with a Like or Tweet, because that’s how we’ll pick the winner. Full details Right Here

Meanwhile, enter this code at checkout to save some green** on this weekend’s order.

Coupon Code:


Coupons expire, but our love for you will never end. If you’re feeling saucy, ask us for a coupon on Facebook or Twitter.

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You’re the magic in our brownie.
Bon Appetit,

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*We’re not giving away free money for nothing (we’re crazy, not dumb). To see contest requirements and read official sounding words and stuff Go Here.
**While we’re on the subject of sponsorship, let’s get a few things straight: Jell-O is the official sponsor of Cosby Sweaters, which is the preferred clothing of Dads everywhere. 10 out of 10 tiny umbrellas recommend rum, and Fabio is brought to you by everything that isn’t butter. Michael Jordan is the official sponsor of underwear, which is the official sponsor of us being able to not wear pants. Now that we’re all clear on those important issues, let’s enjoy some Fine Print: You have to be an Eat24 member to use the coupon code. Duh. That was an easy one. You’ll need to order from a restaurant that accepts coupons (relax, there are over 20,000 of them nationwide,) and pay with credit card or PayPal. The $4.20 value of the code will be applied when you complete an order of $10 or more. Attention bros, burners, and wastoids: the coupon can only be used once, and it will expire on the 21st of April at midnight PST. Dude, you made it all the way to the end of the Fine Print. High five (lulz, double meaning). Now go ahead and order some food now because you’re going to need it later. Aight, peace out. Best budz fo life.

Win The Ultimate Munchies Prize Bag from Eat24

Anyone that knows us knows that we love three things. Unicorns, not wearing pants, and our munchies. Luckily for us, and the rest of Eat24′s #NoPantsNation, there’s a national holiday coming up that just happens to fall on a Saturday this year. We are of course talking about, Eat24’s Danksgiving.

Over the course of the next 420 hours (or until we stop puff puff passing) we’re asking for our favorite people to show us their best munchies for a chance to win a grab bag of Danksgiving prizes including one of our favorite things, the Ploom.com Pax vaporizer.

How to Enter:

1. Order food delivery or takeout from Eat24.

2. Post your photo to Instagram (make sure your profile is set to public) or Twitter with hashtag #Eat420.

3. Visit eat24.com/420 to vote for your favorites and share your entry.

Check out our current entries:

How to Win:

Once you show off your favorite 420 meal, visit eat24.com/420 (clever girl) to vote and share your entry. Whichever picture gets the most likes and Tweets by the end of the contest will win this kush first prize.

  • One (1) Pax by Ploom
  • $100 worth of munchies from Eat24
  • Swaggles and T-Shirt from Eat24

So before you start getting busy, make sure you take a picture of your deliciousness from Eat24 for your chance to win the ultimate munchies prize bag.


Contest Rules Fine Print:

You can enter as many times as you want. Do you have multiple awesome pictures of your munchies? Fine. Need fifteen individual pictures to really capture your munchies madness. Go for it dude and dudettes. Winner will be selected by a group of your peers (we mean you Internet) and executive taco champions at Eat24. Contest will end next Friday at 12:20PM (April 26th) exactly 420 hours from the official start of our contest). So enter already. Oh also I guess we’ll talk about the prize. Winners will receive $100 in food credit towards their Eat24 account. So I guess you’ll need an account, bro (and signing up takes less than it takes to pack that ish). So stop smoking and start taking pictures. You like free food don’t you right? Of course you do.

Ketchup On This Week’s Contest

There’s nothing scarier than ordering food delivery online and then forgetting where you put the ketchup. This terrifying insight inspired us to ask our Facebook fans to caption this picture from an obvious Eat24 fanatic.

Almost 500 people had something to say. We chose the ten best and awarded them an extra special award to dip in their ketchup, wherever they are. Anyone that participated (including you!) gets to use coupon code “ketchup” for their next order of fries, onion rings, or anything else that goes good with ketchup. So pretty much everything.

Here are the winners (Or should we say wieners):



 Want to enter our next contest? Make sure and like Eat24 on Facebook.

Your Weekend Coupon Plus A Contest For Free Food

Enjoy Food, Get more food for Free

(Yes, Really)

If you already downloaded the Eat24 app, we know three things about you: 1) you’re a genius, 2) you’re sexy 3) you know our app is full of photos of people enjoying delicious food – or as we like to call it, the Enjoy Face.The Eat24 iPad app is coming soon (finally!) and we want to give you a chance to be featured on our new Enjoy Face page in the app. That means your beautiful face will be broadcast live in glorious HD on 1 million screens across the country every time someone opens the Eat24 app.

As for the free food part: The first 100 people to show us a pic of their best Enjoy Face get a $10 Coupon Code. That’s right, $10. Just order from Eat24, take a picture of yourself eating, and share it in a tweet to @Eat24 with hashtag #enjoyface, or just post it on our Facebook wall* to score some free food on us. And guess what… if your Enjoy Face makes it in the app, you’ll get an even bigger coupon.

Why are we doing this? Well, we’d rather give the money to you, and not these weird stock photo people who we don’t even know. Just enter this code at checkout to save some dough** on your Eat24 order, then get ready to show us that Enjoy Face.

Coupon Code:


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Coupons expire but our love for you never does. Need another coupon? Ass us on Facebook or Twitter. 


You’re the wind beneath our buffalo wings.

Bon Appetit,

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* Don’t do Facebook or Twitter? That’s cool. You can share your photos with us on Tumblr and Instagram too. More info here. 

** Throughout history, there have been some legendary enjoy faces. There’s the Homer Simpson “tongue hanging out the side of the mouth drooling” enjoy face that signifies a meal about to be consumed. There’s the Five Guys Guy “Dayum!” face, perfect for right after you’ve experienced your first bite of pure bliss and you just need to shout it out to the heavens. And finally there’s the moan that all zombies give out after they’ve eaten a whole mess of brains. It’s not quite the “Ahhhhh” you get after a sip of beer; it’s more of a guttural “Arhghghghgh!” A wonderful mix of pleasure, agony and sleepiness. Before we all start to get those delightful post-food coma drowsies, let’s enjoy this Fine Print together. You have to be a member of Eat24 to use the weekly coupon code (Don’t worry signing up is easier than drooling over a fresh batch of donut holes). You can only use the coupon at restaurants that accept coupon codes (Good news, over 20,000 restaurants are ready to give you that “E” face) and pay with credit card or PayPal. The $2 value will be applied when you complete an order of $10 or more, so don’t try to order just a stock photo of an egg roll. The code can only be used once, and will expire on the 10th of March at midnight PST. Got all that? Well what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and take a selfie of you enjoying the hell out of that taco or hotdog or bacon double cheeseburger to become immortalized in our new iPad app.

Give Us Your “E” Face For Our Shiny New iPad App

It’s late. You’re tired. There’s no way you’re cooking tonight. Sounds like the perfect time to order food online from Eat24. Like a beam of light busting through a sad, cloudy night, the splash page of our app greets you.

  So much Enjoy.

If you already downloaded our kick ass app (and if not, WHY DON’T YOU?), you’re probably pretty familiar with all these photos of happy, pretty people enjoying food. Well, this gave us an idea. Rather than pay some unknown stock photo creeper, we’d much rather have our gorgeous customers make up the splash page on our brand new iPad app.

Here’s the deal. The first 100 people to show us a pic of their best Enjoy Face get a $10 Coupon Code. You heard us, $10*. Just order from Eat24, take a picture of yourself eating, and share it in a tweet to @Eat24 with hashtag #enjoyface, or just post it on our Facebook wall (Don’t do Facebook or Twitter? That’s cool. You can find us on Tumblr and Instagram too) to score free food on us and have a chance to be immortalized in HD glory on our sexy new iPad app (even sexier with your face on it).

And here’s the kicker. If we choose your photo we’ll give you an even bigger coupon, so make sure those pictures show off your very best Enjoy Face.


*Fine Print: Only one coupon will be given per customer (so no trying to put on a fake mustache to try to enter again). You have to be an Eat24 member to use the Coupon code. (Chill. It’s not like joining the Illuminati, or anything. It takes about two seconds.) OK, more rules: You can only use Coupon codes at…wait for it….wait for it…restaurants that accept CashCoupons. (There are about 20,000 of them. Again, chill.) and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. The value of the coupon is applied when you complete an order of $10 or more. Apparently, this is some sort of problem, people ordering under $10 worth of food. What do they order? A can of soda? They can’t get up and get a soda? Wow. That is ninja-level laziness. Now, you know we respect that, but we still have to tell you the coupon won’t work. (Rules, brah. Just another example of The Man, trying to keep you down. Our advice is to order a bunch of dessert. It always comes in handy.) OK, last rule: You can only use the code once, duh. And it expires on March 18th at midnight PST unless stated otherwise. There. That’s it. You’re done. Probably worked up an appetite reading this, didn’t you? That was our evil genius plan all along.

Further Proof that Bacon Is Always the Answer

Look, we all know bacon can solve the easy questions in life. How can this breakfast make me more attractive? Or how can I get my lettuce and tomato less depressed? But how does bacon stack up against the really tough questions in life.

Like a surprise Daily Double in Jeopardy, we asked our Facebook fans, “If bacon is the answer, what’s the question?”

Our favorite responses are below. Alex Trebek, feel free to add these to the next Potent Potables category.












Congrats to Urban Ledjen for making the saltiest, porkiest comment and winning free dinner on us. Be sure to follow Eat24 on Twitter and Facebook to participate in our next contest for free food.


10 Portable Future Foods In Cone Form

Ever since we heard about Crispy Cones, we’ve been pretty jazzed about a possible future where silverware is obsolete. There’s nothing worse than ordering a big hearty beefy meal and then realizing you can’t just pick it up and shove it in your face. And don’t even get us started with silverware! Dinner fork, salad fork, dessert spoon. It’s exhausting.

We have never been a fan of not eating with your hands and it got us thinking. If ice cream can do it, why can’t every other delicious food ever invented? Food is at it’s best when you can just grip it and rip it. While there may be plenty of one-handed foods out there, none offer the tasty combination of a flaky delicious cone on the outside, and tender juicy food bits on the inside.

So we went to the Twitter line and asked our #Conivore followers what food (other than ice cream) they wish was served in a cone. The following are the ten best, cone-iest responses.


10.Wonton Cone

9. Breakfast Cone

8. Poutine Cone

7. Sushi Cone

6. S’More Cone

5. Steak Cone

4. Cone Cone

3. Birthday Cone

2. Matt Dillon Cone

1. Unicorn Cone


Mmmmm, conerific! If you want to join our next contest, follow us on Twitter. You can win coupons, free food, and of course Internet fame.