Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries


An Uber Important Coupon

September 12, 2014

Hi. This is Ron, your pizza delivery guy. EAT24 let me write this week’s coupon email because I really need to get something off my chest. So here it is: I am not Uber. I’m very sorry that your Extra Large Spicy Hawaiian* was late, but random drunk people keep […]


Your Cheese Fries Are Safe And So Is This Coupon

September 05, 2014

Attention: Your Nachos are not in The Cloud. Rest assured that EAT24 takes the safety of your cheese-smothered snacks very seriously, and does not store any food in the cloud. You may be wondering, “What about Waffles, Egg Rolls, Double Fudge Brownies, or Pad Thai? Do you store my Pad […]


A Few Secrets and A Coupon

August 29, 2014

Hello? Anybody home? (Crickets…) You’re probably at Burning Man soaking up the playa dust and lounging in a solar-powered massage chair like everyone else we know. Since we’re talking to an empty inbox, we feel pretty safe sharing a few of our deep thoughts and highly guarded secrets: It only […]


Egg Rolls Destroyed Our Inbox: The EAT24 Story

August 25, 2014

Breaking News Alert: Your love for Chinese food has destroyed our inbox. Well, sort of.  A few weeks back we realized that even though we email you and our closest million friends every week, no one writes back. Naturally, we decided to drop a not-too-subtle hint in our VIP email. […]


The Time For Thy Coupon Is Nigh

August 22, 2014

Too lazy to put a sentence together? Us too! We’re reaching waaaay back into our archives because #FlashbackFriday is definitely a thing, and because recycling an old email means we don’t have to write a new one. Enjoy this gem from 1657. Good day. Is your majesty hungry? Ye olde […]


A Coupon For Your 7-Day Weekend

August 15, 2014

  Happy 7-day weekend! Wait, what? You only have 2 days off? You should talk to HR* about that because that doesn’t seem right at all. Meanwhile, this EAT24 coupon code will be good for 7 days. Why? We broke a taco shell this morning (7 days of bad luck) […]


Yur Weknd Coupon Iz Heer!

August 08, 2014

  OK who ordered the “Crap Cake Sandwiches”? Very funny, guys. Oh wait, it was us. Apparently we’re really terrible at spelling and our menus are full of typos, like Hand & Cheese Omelettes. EAT24 needs your help. We want to clean up our act, and we can’t do it […]


F is for Fail: EAT24’s Menu Meltdown

August 07, 2014

Confession: We sell pest pasta and crap cake sandwiches. At least according to our app we do. That’s because apparently we’re really terrible at typing. Oops. Sorry about that! Like all things, our public shaming started on Twitter. We were just hanging out, posting reaction gifs to Beyoncé’s latest Tweets, […]


46 Reasons You Need the Moto 360 (45 Are Pizza)

August 07, 2014

  Are you sitting down? Good, because the EAT24 Android app for the Moto 360 smartwatch is live. Oh yes. The third and most highly anticipated (also highly mysterious) watch in the new line of Android Wear devices is finally HERE. So we upgraded and formatted our first-of-its-kind wearable tech app […]


BRB Vacation, But First a Coupon

August 01, 2014

  Auto Reply: Out of the Cheeseburger Office. Thanks for your email. We’re currently away from our desk on the annual trip to Ice Cream Island and won’t be responding until we run out of sprinkles or hot fudge, whichever comes first. If you think you’re having a sushi emergency, […]

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