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Weekend Coupon: Good News

June 06, 2014

Swipe this post. No wait! Oops. OK, for those of you who didn’t accidentally delete this – Hi. We have a coupon code for you (a few lines down in big red letters). But first… Is your swiping finger hungry? Perfect! Our new What’s Good feature let’s you swipe through […]

Graduation Cupcakes

Weekend Coupon: Commencement Speech

May 30, 2014

Yay Class of 2014!   Dear Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, and the thousands of other very, very prestigious universities, Thank you for choosing Eat24 to be your commencement speaker. It’s an honor! Unfortunately we won’t be able to attend the ceremony because we’re very busy feeding America, and waxing to […]

He gives the best advice!

A Commencement Speech by Eat24

May 29, 2014

Hello, Class of 2014, teachers, parents, and fellow chipotle mayonnaise enthusiasts! Thank you so much for inviting us to speak to you today. We’re excited to be here at [insert fancy university name here] and are honored to congratulate you on all your achievements, most especially your woo hoo-ing skills […]

Memorial Day

Weekend Coupon: Memorial Day

May 23, 2014

4 > 3 = Math *Total chaos! We’re skipping the intro and going straight to the Fine Print this week because we just made an important discovery: 3-day weekends are longer than 2-day weekends. And the only thing better than 3 is 4 (Math), so this coupon is good until […]


9 Very Important Phrases For Hungry Travelers

May 20, 2014

Summer is so close we can taste the gazpacho. And the orange creamsicle pops. And the spiked lemonade. That’s because summer is all about food. Well, that and taking a sweet ass vacation (but we mostly go on vacation for the food). Anyway, the only downside of going on vacation […]


Weekend Coupon: Jay Z / Solange / Beyonce

May 16, 2014

So much drama in the elevator We don’t have time for a long email, and neither do you. It’s very important that we all stay focused and get to the bottom of this Jay-Z / Solange / Beyoncé situation. We’re collecting clues, so if you have any tips please tweet […]


Weekend Coupon: Munchie Timer

May 09, 2014

The clock is ticking Take your fancy watch and throw it in the garbage. Well, OK. Don’t actually do that. Recycle it, or trade it in for a leather massage hammock or something. The point is, you won’t be needing it anymore because we put a timer in our app. […]


Eat24: Life Without Facebook

May 01, 2014

Hey guys, As you might have heard, we recently closed our Facebook page. No big deal. Just your average love story: Brand meets social media platform, falls head over heels… then one day the spark is gone so the brand writes a dramatic breakup blog and emails it to a […]


Weekend Coupon: Dave the Accountant

April 25, 2014

Hello World Hello. This is Dave from Accounting. You probably know me as the guy you’ve never heard of. That’s ok. The Eat24 writers lost a bet and now I get to write this week’s coupon email.  I’d like to take this opportunity to get a few things off my […]

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Eat24 Gets Their Amazon Wishlist

April 22, 2014

Guys! You shouldn’t have. You’ve made us feel like we’re Prom Queen/Football Hero/Oscar Winner/Gold Medal Burrito Champion/ all rolled into one. If we had to put how we feel on paper, it would probably look like this. What could have caused all this excitement? Let’s catch you up. See a […]

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